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We provide services related to Bitcoin (BTC). These services include consultancy for buying and selling, secure storage, crypto products: including hardware for storage and transfer (Trezor and Opendime) and Bitcoin purchase through ATMu2019s.

Please use our contact form to get in touch. We provide free basic services for personal users.

The technology of Bitcoin

The technology of Bitcoin is technical, extensive and can be complicated to understand. We can advise on many aspects of the technology and get you started. We also partner with technical experts to provide more in depth consultancy and expertise.

We believe the technology of Bitcoin has the power to change the world monetary system for the greater good of all people and our goal is to make this happen. Individuals can reclaim their own personal sovereignty from existing centralised global systems by taking control of the value they produce and hold. Bitcoin allows the individual to take control of their money without the need for banks, middlemen or governments.

Bitcoin can be used to transfer value world wide without the need for a third party.

Bitcoin properties as a store of value


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